10 Tips for Safe Weight Loss and Fat Loss Training

At Applied Body Science your holistic health is important to us. A huge role in an effective fitness plan depends largely on how well we understand and respond to our body’s personal performance. Over the years many fitness lies have proliferated that put a great deal of people at risk of hurter themselves and their bodies. If you want longterm fat loss results pay close attention to these 10 tips below. They will help you protect your body and your potential to become even more fit overtime. Fitness requires patience so before doing anything else be sure to read these tips below. If you have any questions or concerns you should definitely give us a call.

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  1. Lose weight safely Don’t perform an exercise you are not completely sure how to perform safely. If in doubt, get assistance from a qualified, certified, fitness professional (Do not just watch and copy other member’s in the gym. Chances are, they are no more versed on performing safe and proper exercise than you are.)
  2. Do not perform anything that hurts or puts prior injuries at risk (Do not use the no pain, no gain mantra. That was a terrible saying back in the 80’s and still is today.)
  3. Use Gradual Progressive Overload (GPO.)  Start with only 1 set of an exercise and eventually work yourself up to 3 sets with a weight that causes failure (or near failure) in the 8-12 repetition range ( Use  GPO when increasing the amount of weight you lift also)
  4. If a muscle or body part is still sore from the previous workout, take an extra day for recover (Best plan is to alternate upper and lower body days)
  5. Us a knowledgeable spotter when training with heavier weight or attempting a new exercise (Once again, don’t rely on someone just because he / she is in the gym often)
  6. Do  not train with weights using the same muscle groups on consecutive days (i.e. Mon- Arms, Tues – Arms, Wednesday – Arms…muscle needs to have a chance to repair itself)
  7. Always warm up  prior to and cool down after your workout (10 minutes warm up and 10 minutes cool down)
  8. Get clearance from your doctor before starting any structured exercise program (Always be cautious)
  9. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has their perfect body (Fitness is a personal endeavor, don’t compare)
  10. Know the difference between good soreness and a structural injury.  If experiencing the latter, stop exercising immediately and get medical attention (See number 2)

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