3 Rules to Body Transformation

3 Rules to Body Transformation

body transformation

The journey to transform your body is filled with obstacles, challenges, and a complete shift in the philosophy of life. Seeking change on the outside often pushes to the realization that we must also face a metamorphosis within ourselves. Admittedly, this is not an easy task for anyone single person to face which is why I’ve taken the time to put together a list of 3 fundamental rules that will help you along your transformational journey.

Body Transformation Rule #1 Everyone slips, but don’t allow it to totally derail you

You have to realize that everyone makes a poor food choice or skips a workout every once in awhile.

The key difference between those people that have the body of their dreams and those that don’t is the

ability to stay on track. Make the next meal a healthy one, make your next workout your best workout

ever. Don’t even allow it to occur to you that you will not meet your body transformation goals.

Rule #2 – You must have the faith to change

When I say faith, it is two-fold, faith in God granting you the strength to see your body transformation

through and faith in yourself. You must play triumphant scenes in the theater of your mind; scenes of

you being happier than you ever dreamed were possible. Scenes of you having more energy to enjoy

life with, scenes of your body becoming lean, toned and tight.

If you don’t believe you will be successful and can truly see it in your mind’s eye, you will be destined to


Rule #3 – You must have a support element

Nobody does it alone. Everyone needs a group of people who believe in both your wanting to change

and your ability to meet and exceed your goals.

We are here with you and for you. We are here to both hold a hand and kick a butt (when needed,) to

ensure that you achieve your best body ever and the life you are intended to lead..

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