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“Chadds Ford Personal Trainerflips the fat loss industry on its ear and leaves the "Experts" scratching their heads wondering......”

“Applied Body Science Fat Loss Program is like finding the fountain of youth…..”

“The health and fitness of the people of Chadds Ford, Kennett Square and Greenville will never be the same… Applied Body Science Personal Training is really onto something….”

If you're sick and tired of bouncing from useless diets to Yo-Yo fat loss fads, to worthless infomercial gadget, to the fitness cure du’ jour... or if you're frustrated STRUGGLING to lose fat and keep it off for good, only to discover you've gained it all back just a few days later......Then invest a few minutes to read this page. It might be the wisest investment you have ever made. Find out how Applied Body Science and its team of personal trainers at the Applied Body Science Personal Training Center located in the Chadds Ford, Kennett Square and Greenville, De. areas has the key and has unlocked the vault for massive fast, effective fat loss.

Within the doors of the Applied Body Science Personal Training Center you will discover what could possibly be the most powerful Fat-blasting program ever devised – a program based on the complex principles of exercise physiology and kinesiology yet, so simple, so effective, literally anyone can do it. Including you!

Does this sound like you…..?

• You drag yourself into the gym and work out... You push, you pull, and you even grunt a few times. After all that hard work - NO RESULTS are realized.

•You’ve tried all kinds of fat loss pills that were supposed to speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite... but all they did was make you nervous and cranky.

•You’ve tried low-carb diets but they made you crave sweets so badly you would go on sugar binges literally for hours... then the feelings of guilt and failure.

•You’ve tried liquid diets but they made you so hungry you became mean, nasty and very short tempered.

•You’ve tried workout videos you were supposed to follow along in your living room, but the boredom and lack of motivation made it unbearable.

•You’ve tried home gym equipment with bands and balls but all that did was collect dust, clutter up your spare bedroom and become a clothes hanger.

You have tried it all, yet still the truth, the key that unlocks the door to your perfect body remains unfound.

That is until today!!!

Q.) So what do you do next?

Scenario 1:

You could spend HUNDREDS of hours studying the ins and outs of how it all works. You could take anatomy, physiology and kinesiology classes at the local university. Other than costing thousands of dollars (have you seen the price of college nowadays?), it will take considerable time. Who has that kind of time?

Scenario 2:

You could try the newest P80Q, cure du jour or many like them. Rather quickly you will learn that there is so much MISINFORMATION out there that finding the TRUTH becomes something like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Scenario 3:

You could rely on the latest edition of muscle and fiction and clone your workouts and follow their ridiculous, false and outright fraudulent claims on their covers (add four inches to your arms in 12 hours, or drop 60 lbs of fat in 4 weeks.)

After going this route, you are quick to learn that the muscle mags and muscle and fiction group are not about dispensing accurate and correct science based facts, but rather are just an advertising medium for big supplement companies that sometimes own a stake in the magazine itself. You see this is not going to change anytime soon because:

The Fat Loss Industry is BIG BUSINESS and the competition is fierce... In 2007 alone Americans spent over $39.2 Billion on diets, nutritional supplements and weight loss products.

Fact # 1

The diet and supplement industry is loosely regulated as they do not fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA, the multimillion dollar corporations get away with just about anything they want.

Fact # 2

The major diet and supplement companies own the big fitness magazines and websites and publish many of the popular fat loss books... A lot of the articles in these publications are nothing but DISGUISED advertisements for the products. They make outlandish claims and all for their own interest. They hock their wares and magical elixirs that only reduce the weight of your wallet.

Fact # 3

These same companies spend millions of dollars advertising with the media and are able to SPIN the "news" just about any way they want. So what you're reading and watching on the news about fat loss is usually NOTHING more than what these large corporations want you to believe... I'm sorry to be the one to have to break it to you, but...

You have been lied to and led astray ...

by these unscrupulous corporations again and again. And because of all this deception, most people who try to lose fat are doing it WRONG... people are relying on pills, powders and "magic drinks"... they're using the wrong programs, doing the wrong exercises and even worse... When most people workout they are using DANGEROUS form!

Not only is this highly INEFFECTIVE, but it can also do irreversible damage to your body... you can blow out your joints and end up with caveman posture (just look around your local health club and you'll see what I mean). You will see the heaviest and most out of shape people either doing bicep curls in front of the mirror (in an attempt to get a “peak”), or you will see them plodding along on the treadmill at a speed slightly slower than a snail’s pace. These people are there in every gym, all across America and they never change their bodies.

So what did we do when we discovered all these lies and cut-throat tactics?
We found out that the majority of the trainers across the country only cared about getting to the next client or where their next meal ticket was coming from. As a whole, the trainers did not try to add value to their client’s lives. That is where Applied Body Science Personal Training is different.

We put together a fat incinerating philosophy that has everyone talking about it. It has transformed hundreds of people from all walks of life. From CEOs, to stay at home moms, to professional football players, to Hollywood actors, to everyday people like us with far from superior genetics.

Ordinary people experiencing extraordinary results with the Applied Body Science Program and philosophy.


I first met Scott at a Wine Tasting. He told me he was Exercise Physiologist, was a Physical Trainer, and had trained some professional football players. That was cool. I logged the information away and went and got some wine. Later in the evening he mentioned that he was planning to start doing personal training in his home, I took his business card for Scott at Applied Body Science, logged the information away in my head, and went and got some more wine.

Why did I waste his time and have him waste a business card by taking it? Why would I ever want to train with someone who would expect me to perform like a professional athlete? I knew that I couldn’t even perform like a professional couch potato.

About two weeks later, I stumbled into Scott’s card and, for some reason sent him an email asking him when he thought he would be ready to start doing training. I don’t think that I had any real intention of following-up. But Scott said that he would be ready the following week, and that he would offer to give me a free training session to let me see if his training style would be right for me. I scheduled a date and it’s been downhill ever since.

His training style is great. He pushes me as far as I can go, but is very careful to not push me beyond my capability. No question, he pushes me well beyond what I would have done on my own. And, on top of that, he keeps a healthy sense of humor about all my complaining about every increase in weight or number of reps. He helped me get my upper body strong enough to drag myself around during my early recovery from two joint replacements and has really helped me get through both my rehabilitations as quickly as possible.

I have worked with a lot of Physical Trainers in the past, but Scott is at the top of the list of Trainers I would recommend. He really is something special.

Dave M. ~ Chadds Ford, PA

I have been training with Scott at Applied Body Science for just under a year and while I have tried trainers before, none had managed to map out a success plan as comprehensive and complete as Scott. I have never met a trainer more educated, enthusiastic and dedicated to getting me to achieve my goals. Through his guidance, insight, training and education I have exceeded every objective. For the first time since my early twenties I have a six pack which, if I were to be honest with myself, I doubted could be achieved for anyone whose age exceeds forty. Scott embodies what a personal trainer should be.

Stephen M. ~Media, PA.

I have never been in shape. In my prime, I was fast and skinny but never carried any muscle. I never used weights and rarely went to the gym. I was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago and things became very frustrating. I was under good control but I have been unable to get myself off of my medication. It was a combination of this frustration and frequently being burned by college kids on the ultimate field that I decided to give Scott a chance. Scott has a great way of building confidence and getting results. I am not yet at goal but people are definitely noticing a change. In addition to this I feel better. He has changed my diet for the better and my body is thankful. He is a great motivator and his faith is strong. This combination will get him very far in life. I hope that we will be working together for many years to come.

Sony J. ~West Chester, PA.

Training with Applied Body Science has given me a stronger positive image of myself as an "aging” woman. Scott encourages me to lift more, do more squats and be more confident. His gentle prodding and humor enable me to try things I wouldn’t and achieve success! He never lets up and I do my best to keep up with his goals for me.

I feel great, have lots of energy and look great in my clothes. This is a great experience because he always encourages me to blossom into my best being!.

Thanks a lot, Scott.

Roberta M. ~Chadds Ford, PA.

I’ve always been a self-motivated fitness buff. But somehow reaching the strength and fitness level I wanted for myself became more challenging over the years.

I started training with Scott thinking I’d work with a trainer for a few months then go back to maintaining a level of fitness on my own.

Within 1 month I could see more muscle tone and definition in my body than I had in years. Scott prepared a tailored plan each session that would work every muscle in my body. On days when I thought I had no gas for a workout, Scott would listen to how I was feeling, make adjustments, and somehow always motivate me to give it my best effort. At the end of each workout I leave feeling completely energized.

I’m happy to say that I have gained more strength than I thought possible and now understand the value that Scott brings with his knowledge and experience to help me always reach new levels of fitness.

I have confidence that I can continue to have a stronger body each year, as long as I don’t let up and have someone like Scott who cares enough to help me reach my goals and beyond….Thanks Scott!

-Joanne L.

I met Scott when he married my client Jennifer. I was their pet sitter for Zoey, their beautiful old Husky. He hadn’t started ‘Applied Body Science” yet here in our area. I belonged to the “Y” but I knew I needed something more. I was turning 60 with a genetic history and personal history of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol. When he began his business in the basement of their town home I joined up.

The workouts were harder than I was used to (I am not accustomed to vomiting during my workouts, lol.) I stuck with it and kept pushing through the pain.

Although hard, Scott makes the sessions interesting and ever changing, his encouraging coaching style inspires me to keep going. He is so supportive and genuinely cares about each of us. He gives 100% all of the time. I know because I have friends that have joined the “ABS family’ and now my husband has joined as well.

The results have been amazing; besides weight loss, increased flexibility and mobility, my cholesterol numbers are ridiculous! Never have the test results been this incredible. Good cholesterol is up, bad down, triglycerides below 95. My blood pressure medicine has been cut in half and I am completely off anti- depressants.

Thank you Scott for all you have done for me, my friends and my Family. You have been amazing. You are the Best Trainer ever! You are my Friend.

Linda G. ~West Grove, PA.

I have been seeing Scott only for a short time, but have seen the most improvement in my
Twenty some years of exercise! He's a positive upbeat guy, who's passionate about helping
People get the most out of their time exercising. Very Knowledgeable!

Randy C ~Kennett Square, PA.

When I met Scott at Applied Body Science, I was in a huge exercise RUT. I'd been doing the same running, stationary biking, "weight lifting" regimen for years and was totally BORED! Half the time, I justified myself right out of doing anything at all.

Scott has put the fun, challenge, accountability, and results back into exercising for me. And when I say "fun," I don't mean that I bound out the door after each session with a huge grin on my face. Nope. In fact, I'm happy if I have enough energy to haul myself to my car and drive all the way home without having to pull over for a little nap.

What I mean is that each workout is different - new machines, innovative exercises, never the same routine twice! And all done safely and under the guidance of one of the best motivators and teachers I've ever worked with, including as a Division I college athlete (albeit a few years back...).

I feel and look fitter, stronger, and healthier than I have in years. Many of my long-standing, rotten eating habits have improved (though I'm still grappling with the chocolate thing...)

Scott is an extraordinary trainer/exercise physiologist, but he's an even better human being. He's uplifting, supportive, and has integrity and a great sense of humor - the kind of person you want your kids to be around - and that, for me, is the highest praise of all!

Thank you, Scott; you're the best!!

Gretta N. ~Greenville, DE

I have been training with Applied Body Science for almost 9 months. It has helped turn the pounds of fat into muscle. The visual Scott gave me is; that we are transforming fat pounds which are grapefruits, into muscle pounds which are oranges!

Alas, it is two way street and I am still battling the wine and cheese demons. Scott gently nudges me to make adjustments with no pressures, so that as I make my changes it will be permanent and something I can commit to!

Scott has one of the biggest hearts I have ever met and is so kind and patient. I always feel that he is fully engaged and focused on getting the best results for me each session. I may not always be happy about it and the next day can barely get out of bed…but then I always come back for more. I especially remember one time when he wanted me to jump up about a foot onto a stool. I was absolutely petrified and knew I could not do it. He was so patient and said he would never ask me to do something he did not believe I could execute. I stalled and protested and finally after much coaxing – I did it! He earned my trust and gave me the confidence to do something I never thought I was capable to do. I cannot tell you how great that felt and of course now I want to do it again and do it better!

Scott pushes me to do my best and I am grateful that he has helped me so much to improve my body. Even more so, I have gained a friend, which is what I treasure the most.

Nancy C. ~Greenville, DE.

I started with Applied Body Science about 16 weeks ago. My main goals were to strengthen my core so my back didn’t hurt when I took care of my new granddaughter and to strengthen my bones. Scott has helped me reach those small goals and so much more. He has strengthened not only my core, but my whole body and mind. My back and knees no longer hurt when doing all my sports and exercise. I also feel great taking care of my granddaughter. He is a great supporter and realizes how much more I can do, having faith in me, even when I don’t. Scott also studies my sports of paddle tennis and regular tennis and tailors some of the exercises to those movements. I am so excited to keep working with Scott and see how far he can take me in strengthening and conditioning my body!

Judy K. ~Chadds Ford, PA.

I started working with Scott at Applied Body Science as a gift to myself for my 65th birthday. I really never thought I would enjoy the work and I never thought I would see a difference in my body. Well, Scott proved me wrong! He is the most unbelievable trainer and the most positive human being. He has given me the self-confidence I never had before! Thanks to Scott I am a better human being!

Jane W ~Kennett Square, PA.

Scott at Applied Body Science is the absolute best! Training with him has totally reshaped my body and gotten me back into fitness. Scott is an excellent trainer who really listens to, and goes above and beyond for, his clients.

Emma M. ~Greenville, DE.

Scott and Applied Body Science Personal Training were recommended to me by my primary doctor because I was always “whining” about my poor physical condition. Both my doctor, and his wife (also an MD), were clients of Scott's for a number of months before I finally succumbed to their persistent encouragement to call Scott. As a 64 yr. young, out-of-shape, stressed-out procrastinator I was very tentative. I was embarrassed by the shape my body had decided to adopt, and unsure I could change direction.

My experience with Scott with his knowledge and passion to help people change their lives has been greater than any of my expectations. While the sessions continue to be very challenging for me (I’ve been known to call him things that can’t be repeated here), he inspires me to push myself, and yes, sometimes have fun!

I’m impressed with Scott’s ability to connect with his clients and help them no matter what their current physical (and mental) condition. My intermittent training schedule does not pose a problem for Scott, as he is constantly monitoring me as I work with him. Because of Scott and Applied Body Science both my physical and mental self are stronger.

Scott’s new facility is awesome. While I cast a very suspicious eye toward some of the new equipment (what the **** is that for?) I know that Scott will make it bring out the best in me.

Thank you Scott!

Eliot D. ~Kennett Square, PA.

I started going for personal training with Scott at Applied Body Science over a year ago and have been very pleased with the improvements in my overall fitness level. Thanks to Scott, I am significantly stronger, have greater endurance, and am in much better shape compared to when I started. I am always amazed at how Scott finds creative exercises in each session that keeps things interesting. Scott is an excellent motivator and very positive influence. In addition, Scott genuinely cares about his clients.

Denise P. ~Greenville, DE.

To the ultimate trainer who looks like a NFL player, talks like an anatomist, and motivates like a preacher – kudos to you, Scott!!

Bob C. ~Chadds Ford, PA.

I was encouraged by my children as well as some friends to get into exercise. I never was one much for exercise or gym. I did join gyms in the past but always quit for one reason or another. My main exercise was walking at Longwood Gardens. So when I learned about Scott and his program of personal training, I thought "why not". It was affordable, close, and got great reviews from neighbors. I have to admit, I was intimidated by the thought of personal training.

When I read Scott's bio and his years of experience, and the Applied Body Science program, I still thought what can this do for me. I signed up for 10 sessions and could only identify my goal as lessen back pain. His goals were much more aggressive. As I progressed, I started to think why not. I could use some additional strength. I could improve my posture. I was encouraged by his personal attention when I would say "watch my knee or back" he would gently but firmly encourage me to push a little and I was always successful.

After 20 sessions, I had to take an unwanted break as I injured my hip and back moving furniture. I entered into medical treatment and physical therapy. Finally now, I am improved to the point where I can resume training with Scott. I do not want to think about how my injury could have been worse without the short term strengthening I had completed with Scott's guidance. As I approach my mid 60's, I am making a commitment to getting in better shape. My personal motto in the past was and will continue to be "GO FOR IT". Thank you, Scott.

Mary W ~Chadds Ford, PA.

I train with Scott because I like his high energy, vast knowledge of exercise physiology, and passion for fitness. We developed a fun, goal-oriented, personal training program focused on strengthening the muscle groups around several of my long-term injuries as well as overall fitness. Scott dedicates himself to educating me on the purpose of each exercise, the muscles used, and the proper technique to avoid injury during every workout. He is a great coach and motivator. I can’t wait for my next session and neither will you!

Mark G. ~Chadds Ford, PA

Leaves a positive impact while changing your BODY and LIFE FOREVER!! As an avid fitness enthusiast for years, I have belonged to many different gyms by far not your average fitness center. Beginning with the staff and personal trainers being so dedicated, knowledgeable, progress driven, and caring about their clients’ needs. All the trainers have experience in anatomy & exercise physiology and actually explain why the exercises they choose work for you and your individual needs to help you obtain your personal goal! Each workout is satisfying and extremely challenging but fun working the whole body without being aware until the muscle aches are felt throughout the entire body days later! Scott, one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated, professional, driven, & caring personal trainers takes pride in challenging & changing his client’s bodies and lives giving them a new outlook and confidence on life!! Finally, the equipment and exercises used to achieve your goals are by far different from any gym in the area! Some of my favorite equipment pieces used are Battling Ropes, Kettle Bells, Medicine Balls, Suspension Chains, Push Sled, Helix Machine, & Resistance Bands!!!! I give a thumbs up for a JOB WELL DONE!!! I would highly recommend this positive welcoming environment to anyone who wants to have the best possible EXPERIENCE!!!!

M. Intrieri

“I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Scott. His professionalism never varies: punctual, honest, encouraging, ALWAYS upbeat! I’ve never seen him in a dour mood, and that goes far when it’s 6am!

Best of all, I saw almost immediate results. He maps out a customized training plan each visit, personalized to my goals and abilities. He’s pushed me further than I ever knew I could go physically, and I’m still going strong! I would have stopped a long time ago if it weren’t for his encouragement and belief in me. It really helped just to have someone to be accountable to, someone to cheer me through my falls and cheer louder for my wins! Scott’s enthusiasm for his work is infectious. You know he’s really doing what he loves!

If you want a tough yet considerate trainer, one you’ll be able to quickly re-haul your physique with, he’s your guy!”

- A. Manol

“As a health care professional, I recognize the importance of staying healthy and fit. To better my life style I decided to join a gym and find a trainer. This past summer (2009) I looked at several gyms and trainers. Scott ended up being my final decision. He provided me with valid physiological explanations for each exercise and technique to help me obtain my maximum strength. When I began to train with Scott he considered my body structure in putting together a fitness program that fit my needs. I weighed 158 pounds and was a size ten at the start of my program. I have been working out for about three and half months. Currently I have lost eleven pounds and two dress sizes along with inches from my hips arms and thighs. Each workout is always different and fun. Scott’s style not only incorporates exercise but he also has aided me with starting a healthy lifestyle. I am half way to achieving my personal goal thanks to Scott.”

- G. A Steiner RN, BSN

“As this year comes to a close and another new year rapidly approaches, I wanted to evaluate how I did with my 2009 resolutions. This year is different than the last five; I actually achieved my goal thanks to the assistance and encouragement of my trainer, Scott.

I trained with Scott two times a week for the last 52 weeks. Each workout was customized to meet my objectives and at the same time varied so that muscles never became accustomed to the same routine. Some days it was straight sets & plyometrics, some days it was super sets with a little boxing and some days the dreaded drop sets.

In addition to understanding the physiological aspect of fitness, Scott also understands the nutritional side and developed a diet to help me shed the fat. He kept me motivated all year and I am now stronger and in better shape than I’ve been since college.

The end result… I’m wearing a short, strapless number for New Year’s Eve! Thanks Scott, you’re the bomb! I’m looking forward to training in 2010

- C. Dolfi

“I have been training with Scott for over two years. Our workouts are challenging, easy to follow, and most importantly provide great results. For every session, Scott is prepared, focused, friendly and supportive. I appreciate his flexibility and efforts to work around my schedule as much as his schedule permits. He is accessible and generous with his advice and time and most importantly, provides a great example of healthy living and a commitment to health and fitness.”

- J. Wolford, DO, MPH

Pediatric Chief of Residents

“When I first met Scott three months ago, I was impressed with his professionalism and willingness to learn how to tailor a training program to my particular sport. He researched the sport and definitely put the “personal” in my training regimen.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Scott as a personal trainer. In fact, I have done exactly that on several occasions to friends and family. I’ve worked with personal trainers in the past and can honestly say that I have made twice the progress with Scott in half the time compared to other personal training experiences. I’m more confident in my sport and professional and personal life. Book your first session with Scott… you won’t regret it!

- J. Defeo

“I began working with Scott six months ago and I am thrilled with what he has helped me to accomplish. My first goal was “to stop feeling gross” and we met that within a couple of weeks. Since then, I have developed more strength and energy than I ever had before. Scott has helped me make significant changes in my body. He always manages to challenge and push me just the right amount. I am never so sore that I don’t want to come back. In fact, I always look forward to finding out what I’ll be able to do next. Scott also explains everything we are doing and why and it is clear that his plan is well thought out. His knowledge about fitness, health, and human body is remarkable. He’ll answer any questions you have about diet and exercise and help you develop plans for workouts on your own as well. The best part has been developing a friendship with someone who believes in me. You can’t ask for more than that. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is wondering whether or not this is right for them.”

- Dr. A. Fertig

I am a former Curves member when Curves closed in my neighborhood I needed to continue to exercise. I found a great workout place. Staff, hours, price- GREAT! Visit and see for yourself. You won't be sorry!

S. Yalch

I was a faithful member of Curves but since I've made the switch to personal training with Scott I've:

  • Improved my coordination
  • Improved my balance
  • Changed my body composition
  • Improved muscle endurance and strength
  • Recorded greater bone density since my last DEXA Test

Workouts are fun, motivating and exciting. I wish I had found Scott earlier.

N. Eschelman

I was a former Curves member but I never saw a difference in my body until I met Scott:

  • I feel taller, better posture and feel as if I have grown an inch
  • I never had a flat stomach before
  • My balance, coordination and strength enable me to perform tasks that I've never done before!

J. Chase

Here's how the Applied Body Science (ABS) Program stacks up against other personal training programs:

Applied Body Science ABS Program

Other Personal Training Programs

Program specifically created to help people with "average" or "less than average" genetics get into incredible shape, so you can look like you've been working out for years, even if you have bad genes and haven't touched a dumbbell in your life

Since most trainers have good genetics and have been in shape their entire lives their programs are designed for other people with good genetics who have been in shape for THEIR entire lives. This kind of program DOES NOT work for the average person

Fast weight loss AND you keep it off - In fact, when you follow our simple program you're going to lose fat at such a rapid rate your friends are going to be DYING to know your secret

Slow to moderate weight loss and the fat typically comes right back within a few months because the trainer doesn't help the client develop new habits

We offer a trial workout with no commitment, no pressure and no obligation

Hardcore sales pitch usually disguised as a "Free Consultation"

We make sure you use correct form to minimize injury and maximize results

Not a whole lot of focus on form... more of an anything goes approach

Fun and variety: No two workouts will be the exact same

Same workout, week in and week out

Cutting-edge exercise techniques proven by science to get results

You'll perform the same 9 to 11 basic exercises the trainer learned in a 2-day certification class

Certified by real organizations like American College of Sports Medicine, IFPA, National Strength and Conditioning Association and National Fitness Personal Trainers

Certified in a two day class put on by a corporate gym about how to upsell the clients on overpriced nutritional supplements

We do this as a career because we love helping people get into incredible shape... it's our purpose in life and we're damned good at it... just check out the results our clients get (can be seen by scrolling a little further down the page)

The trainer most likely saw a "For Hire" sign, applied for the job and got hired

Push you and motivate you to get the maximum muscle-toning fat-melting effect from EVERY SINGLE workout

They'll count your repetitions (meaning they'll tell you how many times you lifted the weight) and stand around being your "buddy"

Experience Transformations like these and even better with Applied Body Science Personal Training.

I have been training for over 20 years and have competed on the amateur and professional levels. In all my time involved in fitness and competing, I have never encountered a more knowledgeable, innovative and cutting edge training than Applied Body Science. ABS takes the most difficult concepts of exercise physiology and exercise kinesiology and puts them in everyday language so you and I can see how to apply it to our lives.

Fauzi Hanst, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Applied Body Science’s workouts are fun, tough and always different. It is exactly what I was looking for when I went for a trainer outside of the team.

N. Davenport, Former Member six time World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers

Science is the great equalizer

When putting together the philosophies for Applied Body Science, we turned to exercise physiology, anatomy and kinesiology. We were devoted to taking these complex and confusing principles and making them easy to understand so you don’t have to be a bio-chemist to understand them. Finally, we became steadfast in using only the MOST PRODUCTIVE muscle-building and fat-melting principles known to man and encapsulating them into a step by step process that will leave you asking yourself; “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

And guess what? It will work for you the same way it has worked for the countless people before you.

The fat literally will fall off your body... Muscles you never knew you had will become hard and defined.

People will hardly believe you Could Lose ALL That Fat, but you will!!!!

And that's JUST the beginning... Now you will feel like you are 10 years younger, have tons of energy and have the stamina and endurance you did when you were younger...

And what's really exciting is what effect it will have on your self-image...

Let's just say when you look in the mirror you will be pleased with what you see…

Your social life will improve

Your love life will improve

Your health will improve

EVERYTHING will improve

As you continue to look better and better something REALLY STRANGE will begin to happen...

People that hadn’t paid you the time of day, paid any attention to you, or dismissed you as a person just because you weren’t “one of the beautiful people” will start to ask you questions like;

"How did you lose ALL that fat so fast?"

"What do you do to look SO good?"

"Can you help ME look better too?"

When putting together the philosophy and ideology behind Applied Body Science Program, we asked hundreds of people about their experiences with personal trainers (both good and bad, the bad far outweighed the good!)

They told us about their trainers doing nothing but taking their money... how their trainers just stood around with a clipboard during the workout yammering on and on about their personal lives... how their trainers didn't seem to know a THING about getting them into shape, the anatomy, physiology or kinesiology, not to mention they knew NOTHING about energy metabolism (a must for FAT LOSS.)

And one of the biggest complaints people had was that their trainers always took them through the same old BORING workout routine (This makes the workouts highly INEFFECTIVE because your body reaches a plateau relatively quickly and will become more efficient performing the same exercises, thus will expend less energy to perform the same amount of work and will not need to experience muscle growth (hypertrophy) to perform the increase in workload.

At first Scott got a job training at an athletic club (if you really want to call it that), but it became apparent rather quickly that both the owner and his lackey (the manager, that not only knew nothing about exercise science, anatomy or physiology, but rather knew which web sites to surf for sports scores or where to order his take out from) didn't care one tiny bit if the trainers actually got people into shape or not. This was very evident by the fact that trying to get anything new (regardless of how small it was) was met with; “I’ll ask TJ.” All they cared about were the numbers... He butted heads with management a number of times over this issue (mostly because hehad no respect for the managers, lack of knowledge in his chosen profession.)

Scottknew if he was going help people get into incredible shape Hed have to take the bull by the horns and break away from the industry standards.... So he went off on his own and created and laid out a training facility and training curriculum so far advanced from what anyone in the Chadds Ford, Glen Mills, Kennett Square and Greenville, Delaware area has ever seen, that In a short matter of time he was able to help so many people get the bodies they wanted... at such a rapid rate... that the demand for his services literally shot through the roof... looking at the numbers recently, the industry standards for personal training are 15 hours a week, Scott commonly conducts 14 sessions a day!

What’s really cool... is most of the people he trained NEVER thought they could have a great body... and he was able to get them into lean and toned shape in almost the blink of an eye... even their own family members didn’t recognize them without doing’ the ole’ double take.

Because of all these night and day transformations it wasn’t long before the waiting list for his services grew FAR beyond what he was able to handle himself. So here’s what he did...

He systemized his training into the Applied Body Science (ABS System.) Scott and a team of the highest qualified and most result-producing trainers in the Brandywine Valley... these are TRULY the cream of the crop and they use the exact same training systems that have been proven to work for our clients time and again.

Our program is for people with "Average" or "Less than average" genetics

Here's why this program works so well...

What we do is fuse cutting-edge SCIENCE with FUN and challenging "old-school" exercise techniques so your body will transform at a rapid rate...

We also apply the right mindset, energy and world class motivation along with top notch guidance, ironclad instruction and complete support to give you a workout experience with unsurpassable results (This means you're going to look great NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF GENETICS YOU HAVE).

We also constantly SWITCH-UP the workout routines so you never get bored with the workouts, your body never adapts and you continue to make non-stop progress at a rapid rate... we will literally "drive" your body into shape...

Here's what you get with the Applied Body Science (ABS) Program:

Weekly Personal Training Sessions - You'll receive trainer-supervised workouts on a weekly basis that'll constantly drive you towards your ideal body as FAST as possible. We don’t look good unless you do!

Motivation - Your trainer will motivate you every single time you come in for a workout so reaching your fitness goals will be EASY (Without this external motivation, it is EXTREMELY difficult for most people to get into shape.)

Guidance - During your workouts we'll practically guide you by the hand through the entire process (All you have to do is show up and you get one of the most fat-melting and muscle-toning workouts available anywhere, practically on auto-pilot.)

Instruction - We will show you EXACTLY how to do every exercise SAFE and correctly (you won't be one of the countless people wasting their time using ineffective and dangerous exercise form.)

Support - We will give you mental, physical and emotional support which is CRUCIAL in making consistent progress (When most people start an exercise program on their own they quit within 60 days... we're here to make sure this DOESN'T happen to YOU.)

Accountability - We'll MAKE SURE you show up to your workouts, which makes getting into shape practically inevitable (Getting to the gym is half the battle.)

Nutritional Instruction - You'll discover which foods to eat and which foods to stay away from like the plague.

Fun Workouts - If you don't enjoy something you probably won't stick with it... so we make SURE you have a great time during your workouts (You're actually going to LOOK FORWARD to working out for once!)

Push you when you need it - Let face it, everybody has days where they're not feeling 100%, even the best of us. That's why we're here to lift you up, cheer you on and give you a kick in the BUTT when you need it. Sometimes we hold a hand, sometimes we slap a hand (just kidding)

You will…

Lose fat once and for all - With conventional methods over 93% of people who lose fat gain it all back. We'll show you how to do be part of the 7% of people who keep the fat off forever…

Tone up your entire body - We're going to make you lean and defined everywhere. When people rely on pills and crash diets, they might lose a little weight, but end up just looking like a weak and sickly smaller version of themselves with soft and mushy muscles...In all essence they actually just cropped the picture from an 8 x 10 to a 5 x 7, without really changing the picture. Ever hear of the terminology “skinny fat?” With our Applied Body Science (ABS) Program you will look fit, healthy and like a million bucks.

Be MUCH more attractive - It's no secret, a lean and toned body is considered by most people to be EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE and appealing. (You're going to get a lot more attention... whether you want it or not... In fact, many of our clients rave about how much their social life has improved since they joined our program.)

Here's how high quality personal training compares to other fat loss options, like working out on your own, relying on pills and supplements or joining a weight loss clinic:

Personal Training

Working Out on Your Own

Pills and Powders

Weight Loss Clinics






External Motivation










Faster Metabolism





Toned Muscles







Not for most









Develop Habits to Keep

You in Shape Forever





Now I think it's only fair to tell you...

If you want a personal trainer who will babysit you, hand you the weights, carry around your towel and wipe the sweat off your forehead, then Applied Body Science is NOT the personal training service for you...

If you are looking for a personal training that will spend half the workout with the trainer checking himself out in the mirror, then we are NOT the service for you.

If you want to be trained by some kid who just applied for a job at a gym as a personal trainer so he could meet chicks, then we are DEFINITELY NOT the personal training service for you.

In fact, We are not here to pamper you. We take on the same mindset as the people of the Brandywine Valley have: tough, no-nonsense, but caring, willing to do whatever it takes.

We are not here to be your therapist. Even though we'll help you recondition your mind so you can get the body you want, we're not here to tell you what to do about your personal problems. We are here to do one thing, make you look amazing.

We are not know-it-alls - we do know how to get you the body you want, but we don't claim to know everything. If we don't have an answer to one of your questions we'll find it.

We are not here to get you big and bulky - we won't turn you into a bodybuilder, it's just not our thing. If that's what you're looking for there are plenty of other personal training services around that can help you do just that.

We are not a rep counting service - meaning we won't just stand around and count how many times you perform an exercise - In fact, we're going to give you every ounce of energy we have in us to make sure you rise up and GET RESULTS.

We are not for people who like to complain.

We are not here to hold you captive for an hour while we go on and on about our personal lives. We are not going to put you on some piece of cardio equipment for an hour and call it a workout - you can do that stuff on your own for free.

We are not the economy budget YMCA trainer

We are not going to just stand around holding a clip board and a stop watch, or checking someone on the elliptical - we're going to do everything within our power to get you into shape.

We are not arrogant egotistical steroid freaks walking around like we're God's gift to the world. We are not here for people who want a personal trainer for the "status" it gives them. We train people who are looking for SERIOUS RESULTS, not just looking to boost their self-image by telling their friends they "have a trainer".

Not that there's anything wrong with those things... that's just not what we do... getting you into killer shape FAST is what WE do.

One thing you should know before you contact us is that since we're a high quality service and we get you results our prices aren't the lowest in town...

But when it comes to your body, is the "lowest price in town" what you're looking for? If you were diagnosed with cancer would you go to the cheapest doctor for a second opinion?

The truth is, if you're looking for a budget service and you'll settle for low-end results then we're not for you...Please understand we'll ONLY care about your health and happiness if YOU care about those things yourself. If you don't, please don't waste our time or yours.

Remember everything isn’t for everybody. Our training is different, its cutting edge and causes MASSIVE fat loss. It is far ahead of any other personal training in Chadds Ford, Kennett Square, Glen Mills, and Greenville, De. or anywhere else for that matter. It is because, it works! People lose fat, they regain their energy, and they get their lives back.

HOWEVER, if you DO value your health and the way you look, here's what we can do... Call us at 484-999-1231 and apply for a no obligation workout.

We offer this trial workout for two reasons...

One, it allows you to make an informed decision as to whether or not you feel we are the right personal training service for you.

And secondly, it allows us to see whether or not you're willing to do what it takes to get into phenomenal shape and if based upon your level of commitment and seriousness, if we are willing to accept you into our program.

We should warn you though... we don't take just anybody... we'll ONLY accept "doers" into our program.

You see, our clients represent us, they're like our walking, talking billboards... and if they don't look good, we don't look good... We simply can't allow our reputation to be tarnished by people who aren't willing to do what it takes to get into shape...

What does it take to get into shape?

It takes following our simple program.

The question is: Do you have what it takes? You had what it took to click onto this website, question is do you have what it takes to actually be on this web site as a success story?

Here's what you need to do to right now - Call 484-999-1231 to inquire about coming in for a trial workout at absolutely NO RISK to you. We'll spend a few minutes on the phone with you to see if you're a good fit for our program.

If we feel you are a good fit, and you'd like to try us out, we'll schedule an appointment for you at our Applied Body Science Personal Training Center in Kennett Square, PA. When you come in for the workout there'll be ZERO obligation on your part to start our program. If you don't like the workout, you won't pay a dime... guaranteed.

Spaces are Limited – Call Today!