Resistance Training to Burn Stomach fat

If you’re performing the same long, slow, boring cardio workout over and over again, then don’t bother to expect any results. If you want results: 

Use resistance training to burn stomach fat 
Learn how to burn stomach fat with resistance training But if you are using slow, snail like cardio, you have to change your program. You have to work out with more intensity.

You must include resistance training in your workout.  No, I don’t mean lifting the “light dumbbells that get you really cut” mentality.  I mean lifting a weight that causes failure or near failure in the 8-12 repetition range.  I mean actually pushing yourself to failure or near failure. I mean actually giving your body a REASON to CHANGE.

By now the thought of resistance training has caught your attention

I am talking about resistance training workouts that consist of working Big Body Parts using Compound Movements (movements that occur at more than 1 joint.) Yes, they will be more intense, actually a lot more intense, but that is the point. That is what it takes to move your body from homeostasis to a point that it not only wants to change, but has to change.
However, I promise you, the bottom line from resistance training will be more fat
burning and more fat loss. Basically, MORE results.

Why modifying resistance training workouts is necessary

So not only should you have variety within your resistance training (i.e.
alternate between two different upper body workouts and lower body workouts, rather than just
doing the same interval workout each time), but you should also change these
workouts every 4 weeks.

First things first, if you are still using the old mantra of;
Mon – Chest
Tues – Back
Wed – Shoulders
Thursday – Legs (if you are a person that even does legs)
Fri – Arms (totally a waste if you are trying to really get lean, get cut and get 6 pack abs.)

If you are a person that follows this type of sequence and your goal is to get into totally shredded shape and have Ultimate 6 pack Abs….

Stop using this system right now!!!!!

You wouldn’t go to the gym in those crazy clown pants from the 80’s so why use an antiquated workout program that was made popular in the 80’s. To modify your resistance training workouts, you can…

  • If you are new to working out again or after a long layoff, start with the first 4-6 weeks of performing a full body workout 3 times a week on non-consecutive days.

Then maybe after a baseline has been set you can: – switch exercises chosen for given body parts (use dumbbells as opposed to barbells, or get really crazy and throw a Kettlebell workout in there) – change the order of the body parts you exercise – increase or decrease the number of the sets you chose for a given body part – increase or decrease the rest time between sets (this really stokes your metabolic furnace and makes your body more efficient at resynthesizing energy stores.) Remember you don’t want to change too many variables all at once as this will be overload for you and could open yourself up to injury.  Change one variable at a time.

First, let’s take a look at some of my favorite resistance training exercises that lead to increased weight loss, fat loss and body transformation.  You will notice that I will not list one traditional Ab exercise, however, each and every one of these will tax your abdominal region FAR GREATER than any amount of crunches or plank variation.

Here is my list of ... 
 1) Deadlifts (might be the absolute best for utilizing the most amount of musculature per movement) 
 2) Strongman movements ( sledge hammering a tire or tire flips, car pushing, sled pushing) 
 3) Kettlebell Swings (with your legs in a sumo position) 
 4) Pull-ups
 5) Dumbbell shoulder presses with a squat involved 
 6) Plyometric Jumps with a medicine ball (as long as you have no contraindications with your knees or back.)

Bonus:  Chest Presses (or better yet, plyometric pushups using a medicine ball or blocks) I stick to my top 6 methods above – those are the ones that I have seen work time and time again for men AND women to lose the stomach and chest fat. Intervals will scorch those love handles. If you really want to torch body fat and lose belly fat you need to use resistance training that challenges your muscles, metabolic energy systems and your neural pathways. As you’ll see the Applied Body Science (ABS System,) we have two methods of really torching body fat and revealing your very own set of 6 pack abs.

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